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All our Panini are served with salad garnish and  French fries. Gluten free bread also available on request.

Genovese                                                       6.50

Sliced Tomato, baby mozzarella cheese , green pesto

BLT                                                               6.50

Bacon, Romaine lettuce, sliced tomato

Vegetariano                                                  6.50

Roasted peppers, Artichokes, Sautéed mushrooms, courgettes and brie served on Ciabatta Bread

Bresaola                                                       7.25
Bresaola (dried cured beef),goat cheese, roast peppers and  rocket salad

Il Milanese                                                     7.25
Italian Salame Milano,  rocket salad ,sweet roast peppers,  Philadelphia cheese and fresh parmesan shavings.

Americano                                                     6.95

Meatballs in tomato sauce , cheddar and  served with  fresh chillies dip.

Lincolnshire                                                  6.95
Lincolnshire sausage , mix crispy leaves salad,  sliced tomato and  fried onions.

Rustico                                                         7.25

Grilled  chicken, sliced tomato , cheddar, Romaine lettuce. Served with sweet chilli  and mustard dip.

Vittoria                                                          6.95

Ham, baby mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms served with Marie Rose dip sauce. 




Pasta & Risotti


Spaghetti Meatballs                                                      7.50

Homemade meatballs, tomato sauce, onions and fresh chillies               

Spaghetti Carbonara                                         7.25

Spaghetti tossed with Italian pancetta, egg and a touch of cream.

Spaghetti marinara                                              8.25         

Fresh Scottish Salmon, mussels, clams and calamari served in a garlic white wine and tomato sauce.

Lasagna                                                               7.25

Our Italian classic recipe

Spaghetti Bolognese (Wheat, Milk, Celery, Soya)    7.25

Traditional beef ragù tossed with spaghetti and fresh basil

Tagliatelle Lobster                                              12.95
Tagliatelle pasta served with ½ lobster sautéed in garlic, and tossed with tomato sauce,  touch of cream, onions, garlic and basil

Veg. Cannelloni (V)                                              7.25

Pancakes stuffed with a combination of seasonal vegetable, besciamella sauce, topped with mozzarella and then oven baked.

Cannelloni Fiorentina                                          7.25

Pancakes stuffed with minced beef & spinach, topped with mozzarella , Bolognese sauce, tomato sauce and then oven baked.

Chicken pancake                                                  7.25  

Homemade pancake filled with chicken , onions, mushrooms and served in a creamy cheese and tomato sauce.
Penne Primavera  (V)                                          7.25

Strips of chicken, mix peppers, onions, baby corn and courgettes tossed with mozzarella cheese and served with toasted pine nuts and parmesan shavings.

Tagliatelle ai Formaggi  (V)                                7.25

Tagliatelle served with dolcelatte ,brie, besciamella sauce and parmesan.

Penne Vodka & Salmon                                       7.95
Tube pasta shape tossed with Vodka, smoked salmon, spring onions, garlic, tomato sauce and a touch of cream.

Penne Amatriciana                                               7.25

Penne pasta served with sliced Italian pancetta, red onions, and tomato sauce.

Penne Arrabbiata                                                 7.25

Spicy tubes pasta sautéed with onions fresh chillies pepperoni,  and tomato sauce.
Risotto Smoked Haddock                                  8.25

Arborio rice tossed with smoked Haddock, spring onions, cherry tomatoes and served in a creamy sauce

Chicken And Mushrooms Risotto                    8.25

Arborio rice served with strips of chicken ,onions,  dried wild  mushrooms, saffron and a dash of cream.
               (1/2 Portion of pasta  5.75)





Afternoon Tea (V)

Afternoon Tea “The Rock”  £7.95


Sandwiches-Cakes , Scones ,  tea or coffee

Afternoon Tea “Dolce Vita”  £ 10.95

Sandwiches-Cakes,  Scones

Coffee and 125 ml Prosecco or 250 ml house wine
Tea Cake  £2.50
Scones  £ 2.00







(Served on brown or white bread without butter) 

Ham & Cheese                                             4.50

Tuna Mayo & Cucumber                          4.50

Egg & Mayo                                                4.50

Smoked Salmon & Philadelphia cheese    4.95

Cheese, and Pickle                                      4.50

Sliced green apple, brie & Dijon mustard 4.50

Baby Prawns , Mix leaves salad & Marie  4.95
rose sauce





All our pizza are 10” served in a tomato sauce and mozzarella base


Margherita (V)                                             6.25 

Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce

Diavola                                                          6.75         

Pepperoni, onions, fresh chillies

Crudo                                                           7.50

Parma ham, rocket salad and parmesan shavings

Vegetarian (V)                                              6.75

Fried aubergines, courgettes, onions, roasted peppers and mushrooms.

Fish feast                                                      7.95
Tuna, mussels, clams and baby prawns

Meat feast                                                     7.95

pepperoni, sausage, ham and chicken

4 cheese (served without tomato sauce)             7.95

Mozzarella cheese, Dolcelatte, Brie and parmesan

Fantasia                                                        7.25

Onions, sausage, olives and peppers

River cottage                                                7.25
Smoked salmon, red onions, cream and fresh dill

Four Season                                                 7.25
mushrooms, artichokes, pepperoni and olives.
Master chef                                                  7.95

Bresaola, brie, dried wild mushrooms, fried onions and cherry tomatoes

Bismarck                                                      6.95
Italian pancetta, egg
Calzone (Folded Pizza)                               7.95
Ham, mushrooms and artichokes




Main Courses


Grilled chicken                                           9.95

Grilled chicken breast served with salad and fries

Fish Chowder                                           12.95   
Chunks of fresh Scottish salmon, clams, mussels, calamari, king prawns, served on a garlic, white wine, and  tomato sauce. Accompanied with crostini  bread.

Pollo Valdostana                                       9 .95                                   

Pan fried chicken breast topped with ham and mozzarella in a light tomato sauce and served with vegetable.

Grilled fresh salmon                                 12.95

Grilled Scottish Salmon served with vegetables or mix salad.

Beef Burger                                                8.95

Grilled beef burger, fried onions, sliced tomato, mix leaves salad and gherkins. Served with fries, coleslaw and onion rings

With cheddar cheese                         1.00

With streaky bacon                             1.00

Chicken Burger                                         8.95

Grilled chicken burger served with sliced tomato, cheddar,  romaine lettuce and sweet chilli dip.

Pollo alla crema                                        10.95

Pan fried chicken breast , onions, mushrooms  tossed in a creamy sauce and served with vegetable.
Pork Loin Calabria                                 11.25

Pan fried Pork Loin served with dried apricots, port wine, dried wild mushrooms and honey. Served with vegetables or salad.

Dolce Vita Platter                                    13.95

Grilled pork loin , Lincolnshire sausage, Bacon, Black pudding, and chicken fillet served with onion rings, roasted tomatoes and French fries with a combination of dips.




The cheese board’s corner (V)


(All contain Wheat, Milk)

A selection of cheeses served with biscuits and grapes and mango chutney.



Mature English cheddar

French Brie

                                         3 for 5.95


Side orders


Roasted potatoes                                         2.00

Mix salad                                                     2.00

Onion Rings                                                2.50

French Fries                                                2.50

Sautéed spinach with butter                      2.50

Coleslaw                                                       1.00



Cakes & Dessert


 Banoffee pie                                                     4.50     Sweet pastry case filled with rich caramel, topped with bananas and piped cream.                  

Torta della nonna                                           4.50

Layers of short crust pastry filled with maraschino flavoured patisserie cream and decorated with pine nuts, dusted with icing sugar

Cheese cake                                                       4.50

(Ask for today’s flavour)

Tiramisu                                                           4.50

Layers of Savoiardi biscuits soaked in cream, Marsala wine and coffee topped with a sprinkling of cocoa powder

 Lemon and poppy drizzle  (gluten free)        4.50
Lemon sponge and poppy seed filled with lemon curd and topped with icing drizzle

Mascarpone Deluxe                                         4.50
Mascarpone ice cream crumble infused with raspberry and blackcurrant topped with white chocolate
Amaretto Crepes                                              5.50
Amaretto liqueur ,  amaretto biscuits crumble,  whipped cream and ice cream combinations.
Chocolate Fudge Cake                                    4.50
Rich chocolate sponge cake filled and coated with rich chocolate fudge icing .






Garlic Bread (V)                                            4.25

Garlic Bread Tomato                                    4.50
Garlic Bread Cheese                                     4.95
Pane & Olive  (V)                                           4.95

Ciabatta Bread, marinated olives with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip

Polpette della Nonna                                    7.50

A traditional homemade grandma recipe meatballs.

Grilled Halloumi                                            7.25         

Grilled Halloumi on a bed of lettuce,  roasted vegetables , and mint  yogurt and sweet chilli dip.

Antipasto  All’Italiana                                7.50           

Our Traditional Italian platter with a little bit of everything

Insalata Dolce Vita                                        6.25

Avocado, sundried tomato, smoked chicken, mix crispy leaves, French dressing,

Duck Salad                                                    6.95

Crispy Duck breast sliced, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, croutons and crispy leaves salad  served with soya sauce and sweet chilli dip.

Chicken or Tuna Caesar Salad                   6.25
Greek Salad                                                   4.95
Pate’ della casa                                              5.95
Luxury chicken liver pate’ served with toasted bread, butter and mango chutney.
Prawn cocktail                                               6.50
Atlantic prawns in a classic Marie Rose sauce.
Smoked Salmon & Prawns                          7.25
Scottish Smoked Salmon and baby prawns served with Marie Rose dip.
Bruschetta al Pomodoro                               4.00
Toasted homemade bread topped with fresh tomato, mozzarella, onions, basil and olive oil
Portobello Mushrooms                                 5.95
Roasted Portobello Mushrooms topped with roast peppers and feta cheese.
Soup of the day                                             4.50
Ask the waiter for today’s choice 






(Served till 11:30 Am )


Full English breakfast                                      5.95

Bacon, Lincolnshire  sausages, egg, hash brown, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, black pudding and toasts.

Veggie Breakfast (Wheat, Soya, Milk) (V)     5.95

Vegetarian Sausage, Mushrooms, tomato, hash brown & baked beans served with toasts.

Create Your Own Omelette (G)                   6.25

(Eggs, Soya, Milk)                       

Four eggs tossed with your choice of three toppings:

Ham, mushrooms, onions, chorizo, cheese, tomatoes. Served with mixed salad

Create Your Own Toast
Two  toppings                              3.50
                                Three toppings                             3.95
Sausage, bacon, Ham, Cheese, Scrambled egg, poached egg, fried egg, … toppings of your choice!


  A Touch of Italian Passion…


To the best of our knowledge none of our products contain genetically modified foods, and be aware that although every effort is made to ensure there are no bones within certain dishes, we cannot always guarantee this 100%.


We also follow the Food allergen labelling and information requirements under the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC)




Tea & Coffe


Americano                                                        2.00

Espresso                                                            1.55

Caffè e latte                                                       2.45

Cappuccino                                                      2.45

Hot Chocolate                                                   2.45

Hot Chocolate Deluxe                                      2.95

Tea                                                                     1.80

Liqueur coffee                                                  3.95

Extra shoot  (coffee ,or Syrup )                      0.50
Selection of Hazelnut, Vanilla or Caramel syrup



Just For Kids


(Up to 10 years old)

Penne Meatballs                                           4.50

Fish fingers & chips                                      4.50

Chicken nuggets & chips                              4.50

Any Pasta or Pizza from the menu                 4.50

Ham & Cheese Sandwich                           2.95


Chocolate fudge cake                                    2.95

Ice Cream                                                        2.95



Coke, Lemonade or Fresh juice                  1.50

Cordial & water or fruit shoot                    1.00


Ice Cream


Vanilla                                                             3.25            

Chocolate                                                         3.25                          

Strawberry                                                     3.25                           

Mint & Choc. chip                                                      3.25


Food Allergies and Intolerance


Before ordering speak to our staff about your requirements
For allergens see ingredients in “BOLD”

Before Ordering please speak to our staff about your requirements

For allergens see ingredients in “Bold”




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